Media Education


Schools can benefit from having their own newsrooms. There, students can be journalists, editors, photo-journalists, camera specialists , all under the watchful eye of teachers. The Media Consultants aim to help schools set up their own mini newsrooms. This will be done through teacher-training. Teachers will learn:

  • How a newsroom works
  • The different roles of people who work in the newsroom
  • How a news report is put together 
  • The basics of journalism
  • Journalism ethics

Following this, our consultants will be available to consult with the school in setting up a working newsroom. This course is available for schools wanting to set up newsrooms for print, broadcast or social media. Having students run their own newsrooms will  improve their language abilities and confidence. But there are intangible benefits – that of developing soft skills. Every good journalist needs to have drive, the go-getter spirit, to overcome obstacles to get the story out. They need to have good time management skills that come with meeting tight deadlines. They need to have ingenuity to find ways of getting information from various sources. Running a newsroom in your school builds on these skills and more, adding value to the education a student receives at your school.