Our Work

The Media Consultants provide services in three core areas – Media Training, Media Education and Media Services.

Our Media Training arm targets anyone who is interviewed by members of the media. It helps company spokespeople deliver powerful and memorable messages in a calm, collected and confident fashion. These days, even print journalists require video interviews for their online platforms. So it’s become more crucial than ever to know how to make an impression in any media interview opportunity.

For Media Education, The Media Consultants share their passion for journalism with the young. We bring our expertise to students in schools aiming to build a generation of effective and confident communicators. We believe that teaching journalism skills to students helps improve their writing and speaking abilities. 

The Media Services we provide help your events run smoothly, on-time, every time. Our experience in television and live broadcast comes in handy in ensuring any event runs like clockwork, with no uncomfortable silence in between. Whether it is corporate editing, doing voice-overs or fronting an event, our breadth of knowledge in speaking and writing as journalists, add a dimension of professionalism to your event or your organisation.