Media Training

Imagine a deer staring blankly at the headlights of an approaching car. That’s the last image you want in your minds or in the minds of your audience should you ever be asked to front an interview on camera. As television journalists, we have seen many interviews go that way. Not all though. We have also come across many newsmakers who have been a pleasure to interview. They're easy-going, conversational, full of humour and most importantly, they give sharp, concise interviews that provide credibility to themselves and the organisations they represent. These are the people journalists have on their speed dials whenever an on-camera comment is needed.

The difference between the dream interviewee and a deer is simple – knowing what to expect, crafting a powerful message and preparation, preparation, preparation. 

The Media Consultants will help you :

  • Understand what reporters want and how they get their questions answered
  • Negotiate tough questions without losing your cool
  • Stay in control of the interview
  • Get your quotes and sound bites used
  • Subtly brand yourself and your organisation during the interview
  • Turn negative questions into positive answers
  • Look good on television
  • Sound good on television
  • Exude confidence on television with the right body language
  • Gain experience in different interview situations – media conferences, panel discussions, live studio interviews, recorded interviews, door stops and more
Crisis Communications

Crises and issues threaten the reputation of an organisation.


Handling Media Interviews

Our spokesperson training helps you make sure you are delivering the right messages to your audience.


Media Outreach Training

Often press releases or press invites end up in the trash or lost under the hundreds that a news desk receives everyday.


Public Speaking

Speaking in public, whether in front of a group of 5 or 50, is believed to be one of the greatest fears among many.