Handling Media Interviews

Media Training

Handling Media Interviews

Our spokesperson training helps you make sure you are delivering the right messages to your audience. We help you to turn a potentially terrifying experience into an opportunity. Whether you’re the leader of a company or the appointed spokesperson, we will teach you how to put your message across with clarity and confidence. The training uses realistic techniques and proven tactics for handling media interviews across a broad spectrum of platforms. Television talk shows, panel discussions, one-to-one live studio interviews, radio interviews, print interviews, social media interviews and door-stops – whatever the platform, we will help you learn methods for facing the toughest interviews. A professional camera will be on-site for these training sessions to provide on-camera interview simulations. This live video element will be a valuable and eye-opening tool that will provide customised practical experience. Questions are individually developed based on researched information to simulate a real interview. Scenarios, relevant to you, are planned in advance through working in close partnership with your organization.

The Media Consultants is positioned to effectively prepare you for your next media interview for several reasons:

  • All our consultants have decades of experience as journalists. We’ve spent years putting you in the hot seat. Now let us help you turn this opportunity into an advantage. We bring to the table all our knowledge of how journalists think, what they’re after and what sort of questions they will ask. 
  • We have vast experience in the media training arena. We have trained government agencies, public servants, civil service officers, teachers, academics, military leaders and private corporations.
  • We recognise that many of our clients live in Asia. So getting your message across in just the English Language alone is not enough. The Media Consultants offers two-in-one training sessions where we can help you take your message to the Chinese-speaking market as well. On-camera interview simulations can also be conducted in mandarin so you will be able to learn to craft your messages for the Chinese-speaking audience too.