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Corporate Editing

Information is critical to businesses in this highly competitive economic environment. Most offices are flooded with information – research reports, white papers, marketing surveys and the list goes on. Yet, many companies overlook the importance of getting the right message out. Many companies don’t even have an editorial department whose role it is to present the information released by the organisation, effectively. That’s where The Media Consultants come in. With our eagle-eye for typos and years of editorial experience, we will help you get your message across fluently, clearly and in a thoroughly readable sort of way. How, you say?

  • Our content editor takes a first look to ensure the document accomplishes the purpose for which it is written 
  • Our copy editor then takes over and checks the spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct use of words
  • Finally, the document is proofread to make sure the corporate message is accurate and clear

Three simple steps in getting your message out loud and clear. Let our editors make your company shine, by making your words shine.